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Omnichannel experience refers to a sales approach that uses multiple channels to reach customers and provide them with an excellent shopping experience. It covers all the ways brands and customers interact with each other.

An omnichannel customer experience is made up of individual customer touchpoints, over a variety of channels that seamlessly connect, allowing customers to pick up where they left off on one channel and continue the experience on another.

By creating anytime anywhere digital interactions between the customer and organizations implementing systems and process organizations embrace and enhance holistic customer experience.

Does your organization maintain a clear and shared vision for customer experience efforts?
A shared vision for customer experience is an aspirational statement on how your organization defines the current situation, desired situation, and how to bridge the gap. It is a standard that employees should be able to utilize when making decisions that will affect their customers.
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How important for your organization to maintain governance structures that provide appropriate decision-making, alignment, accountability, and conflict resolution?
The intent of this question is to measure how well the organization is creating a strong customer experience infrastructure across its various operations and the processes by which strategic decisions incorporate the customer perspective.  e.g., Having an executive in charge of building and deploying CX across the organization will make effective progress in all five of the key categories evaluated here.
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Does your organization forecast the business value of your CX efforts?
Meet your business team’s needs with less IT efforts, saving your resources for areas that create the most differentiation. The business should be able to set the core customer experience matrix and analyze and identify key drivers of those metrics to report the robustness of the business value.
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Current status of prioritizing your CX activities based on a well-defined set of metrics.
This question analyzes how the customer experience (CX) mind-set has been adopted and integrated into each of your organization’s departments or agencies. Your organization should have CX-specific positions, such as a Chief Customer Experience Officer or a Human-Centered Designer. The performance plans issued to your staff should include specific CX elements as performance matrices. A mature CX organization would contain a multi-person CX office.
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Does your organization promote employees' training and motivation to adopt customer-centric behaviors?
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  • All employees should receive training on who the customers are and what the CX strategy is at their orientation.
  • An organization should;
  • possess a library of CX training that is annually updated and a method for collecting and sharing CX stories.
  • have job codes and positions that are specific to CX skill sets and roles.
  • evaluate employee performance against role-specific CX metrics.
  • have awards and recognition specifically for exemplary CX behavior.
  • have a team(s) of people that are able to support programs with CX activities.


What is the level of collecting customer insights and displaying strategy-to-execution capability?
  • An organization should have an enterprise-wide capability to collect customer insights, based on a formal strategy which is driven from the top.
  • The organization's leaders should demonstrate transformational behaviors toward the CX strategy.
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Does the organization undertake detailed analysis of customer feedback and match it to business objectives to improve the vision and execution?
Institutionalizing CX by identifying executives and leaders responsible and by organizing supporting resources. Establish a process by which strategic decisions incorporate customer perspectives and align CX strategy with business decisions. Execute initiatives and investments within the organization’s broader mission and strategic priorities based on customer analysis.
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Does your organization have the ability to measure customer feedback metrics (NPS, Overall Satisfaction, key drivers, etc.) connected to the team’s performance?
  • Performance measurement must be sufficiently frequent to identify patterns in customer engagement and granular enough to get an accurate picture of how an individual/ team is performing at each customer interaction.
  • The rewards, recognition, and celebrations are aligned with customer feedback to achieve the desired results.
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Does your organization possess Up-to-date and documented customer personas that everyone in the company has access to at any time?
Developing customer personas and journey maps are a good way of identifying with your customers and teasing out pain points and bottlenecks. Organizations need to maintain a central, entity-wide catalog of their customers and detailed personas that are annually reviewed. 
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Does your organization map customer journeys to build and continually refine the knowledge base of the customer segments and needs?
  • The organization should use interviews and observational studies to better understand customer behavior.
  • Customer segmentation/analysis activities should be carried out at least annually.
  • Use a regular mechanism to collect employee feedback and places in which they believe CX programs could be improved.
  • Share the results of customer segmentation/analysis activities with leadership, employees, and the public.
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Does your organization always experiment with transformational business models and products to make things better for our customers?
  • Customer experience strategy aligned with or specifically a component of your overall business strategy.
  • Significant policy decisions and large investments require CX activities and documentation as part of the review process.
  • Support your CX employees to spend time sharing best practices and participating in CX activities.
  • You have defined user needs and experiences and you are responsible for delivering and organizing our delivery around these, rather than our own organizational silos. You have identified where our customer journeys overlap with other agencies and have created mechanisms to work together.  Also, you can be experimenting with transformational business models and products
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Make real-time information available online.
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  • Align with customer service level standards including call centers and touchpoints in different mission areas.
  • Have a “Voice of the Customer” strategy for collecting CX feedback and measures across the entity's entire purview.
  • Have a central view of how the entity is doing on CX at central, regional Front-Line, or other appropriate levels. Executives can respond in real time to incoming customer feedback.
  • Release your CX performance data to the public. The results of our surveys, touchpoint survey levels, and quantitative metrics.


Does your organization invest in customer value-centric - retailing?
  • Customer value-centric is a strategy and a culture of doing business that focuses on creating the best experience for the customer, and by doing so builds brand loyalty. Client-centric businesses ensure that the customer is at the center of a business's philosophy, operations, or ideas.
  • Eg: Marketplace, e-commerce, online cloud services, mobile phones, logistics, payments, content, and more
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Does your organization build the frontline belief in integrated digital and physical experiences?
Organizations need to build an online presence to complement offline ones.  Consumers can either browse online offers and make a purchase online, or be guided towards a brick-and-mortar presence for an in-person experience.
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Does your organization practice agile / insight-driven execution?
  • Agile-based continuous system improvements in the delivery of services design.
  • Insights-driven businesses take advantage of data and analytics in every aspect of their products and operations and have the agility to react rapidly based on the derived insights.
  • This is critical to the way in which an organization manages and prioritizes our product roadmaps.
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Does your organization leverage digital platforms using disruptive technologies to achieve operational excellence or create new business models?
Organizations should have a technical blueprint for an enterprise digital platform to leverage disruptive technologies in order to create new business models, new products, and operational excellence.
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Current situation in your organization to Cultivate a collaborative and purpose-driven mindset.
Employees across the organization effectively collaborate together to fix customer issues. Demonstrate that the organization always has the best interest of the customer in mind in all things they do. Using well-defined user needs and experiences organization as a whole is responsible for delivering the customer experience rather than organizational silos.
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How important is it for your organization to identify core capacity and capability gaps?
Engaging customers in the new evolving omnichannel CX program in a powerful way to ensure that the organization is delivering customer needs. The capability to use human-centered designers in the organization will help to build customer experience capacity.
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Does your organization acquire and develop the talent required to incorporate and improve CX within organization activities, and empower all employees to adopt a CX mindset?
Customer satisfaction plays an important part in how the organization is incentivized. Customer feedback metrics are used to measure the teams’ performance. A customer experience mindset can be built through training, performance measurement, and rewards
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​Vision and Value

​The below questions will examine the key aspects of a clear omnichannel CX vision creating critical success factors in delivering customers with a desirable value proposition and differentiating the organization from its competitors. 

​Tools, Processes & Business KPIs

​The below questions will test the key aspects of tools and processes that are in place to provide customer information and feedback across the entire customer journey. The leadership's inspiration to lead the organization in a customer-centric manner will engage employees to use the tools and are willing to follow the processes that would lead to a better customer experience.

​Seamless Consumer Engagement Process 

​The below questions will test the key aspects of customer engagement that the leadership team of the company is demonstrating.

​Go To Market Model

​The below questions will test the key aspects of differentiation based on customer experience with a lower-cost go-to-market model that drives scalable growth.

​Establishing New Customer-Centric Operational Capability

​The below questions will test the key aspects of gaining an accurate assessment of its present customer-centricity and what are the capabilities required in order to fulfill the organization’s vision.

Is the organization proficient at listening to customers and understanding their needs in each lifecycle stage with your organization?
How well do you know your customers? Are you using qualitative methods to interview your customers directly and obtain feedback on your processes?  Customer segmentation involves dividing your larger customer cohort into smaller groups for the purposes of identifying different types of customers and their needs.
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