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Does your organization maintain a clear vision of the goal of an Automated Digital Enterprise (ADE)?
An Aspirational statement -The ADE comprises intelligent, interconnected, technology-enabled, value-creating systems that operate with minimal human involvement across every facet of the organization. Enterprise wide Automation of all Business Processes is key to the vision
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Importance of maintaining Digital Competitiveness as a key metric of the organization's goals.
Digital Competitiveness refers to the systems of rules, practices, and processes being followed as the underlying criteria with existing systems and when new systems are on boarded
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Creation of a dedicated line of the Business role that is accountable/ responsible for end to end to Automation.
A dedicated line of Business like the Chief Digital Officer ensures and enables that all aspects of Business are vetted with this organization to ensure the goal of End-to-End Automaton
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Presence of Optimized Technology Buying practices.
Optimizing Technology Buying' means that Line of Businesses (LOBs) in your organization are sharing IT buying decisions with centralized IT- This ensures that almost no system becomes unutilized / under-utilized and all Systems are implemented based on demands and opportunities.
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Does your firm support - Digital Business Domains?
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Having 'Digital Business Domains' means that your organization has created dedicated lines of business (LOB) that integrate multiple internal functions responsible for the end-to-end delivery of digital products and services


How does your organization evolve the roles of Central IT?
The 'Evolved Role of Centralized IT' means that your organization's IT function is focusing less on operations and more on innovations- This means operations that can be automated are no longer performed by IT teams and are on Auto-Pilot mode.
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Pursuing Service Level Management to determine Business process outcomes.
SLA’s are critical for the delivery of business outcomes on time, every time, and literally from everywhere- The presence of SLA for critical business operations and ability to manage and remediate processes based on SLA’s is critical for consistent delivery of Business outcomes
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Auto – Remediation from failures.
Systems have methods or practices that allow to auto-remediate from common failures- Patterns of failures must be part of the Known Error Database (KEDB)’s and the presence of If- Then -Else logical components to be incorporated at the exit loops of each step of process automation 
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Adherence to Audit and Compliance Mechanisms.
Never miss your audit and compliance goals for Digital Business Automation by retaining logs and output and creating archival policies as defined by organizational policies
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Allow for Quality of Service & Rapid Business Change of business processes.
Enable rapid promotion of processes between environments following change management practices- Ensures audit annotations are maintained for each change in the Business Process with automated enforcement of site standards for better control
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Ease of Process Creation.
The presence of a graphic UX interface allowing for drag and drop operations to create Business processes greatly reduces time to market
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Single Integrated Solution for all Business Processes.
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A single integrated solution to handle batch, event, and streaming-based operations. The solution spans across all domains from on premise, to Mainframes to the Cloud allowing operators to seamlessly manage all processes that pass through multiple domains and multiple formats


The practice of Data-Driven Business.
Data throughout your organization is treated as an asset and uses analytics and AI/ML to reveal insights and intelligence and find new ways to monetize or otherwise extract value from data - Application Integration and adoption of an open API framework is key to the practice of integrating multiple applications and automating their inherent processes from a Business Service standpoint and extracting maximum outcome
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Presence of Enterprise DevOps practices in the delivery of Business processes.
Enterprise DevOps means the extension of software DevOps principles of speed and agility to Business processes- Like for example- Integration of Business processes functions into Continuous Delivery of Applications- This necessitates the presence of Developer ecosystem from the beginning of the creation of all Business processes and to be built and released inline to the organizations DevOps strategies (e.g.- CI-CD)
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Have you identified the detailed customer demand and requirement for the service?
Customer demand and requirement mean identifying the customer requirements, and what is the value they are expecting and how the value is realized by them.
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Does your organization practice value stream mapping with the consideration of customer value expectations?
Value stream mapping means generating value for the customer, and adding value to the end points in the value chain.
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Are data protection guidelines implemented?
Data protection guidelines are considered in protecting customer sensitive data and building customer confidence in the way it’s practiced
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Does your organization have the ability to measure customer feedback metrics (NPS, Overall Satisfaction, key drivers, etc.), escalation procedure, and action feedback?
  • Availability of customer feedback mechanisms and escalation procedures.
  • Performance measurement must be sufficiently frequent to identify patterns in customer engagement and granular enough to get an accurate picture of how an individual/ team is performing at each customer interaction.
  • The rewards, recognition, and celebrations are aligned with customer feedback to achieve the desired results.
  • Feedback response means procedures for action taken based on the feedback.
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Does your organization have continual improvement procedures incorporated based on the feedback and escalation made?
  • The organization should use interviews and observational studies to better understand customer behavior.
  • Customer segmentation/analysis activities should be carried out at least annually.
  • Use a regular mechanism to collect employee feedback and places in which they believe CX programs could be improved.
  • Share the results of customer segmentation/analysis activities with leadership, employees, and the public.
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​Vision & Extent of Current Automation

​The below questions will test the key aspects of having a clear vision for adopting customer-centric automation practices to become an automated digital enterprise.

​Overall Digital Leadership and Strategy

​This section examines the organization’s overall digital leadership and strategy.

​Operational Efficiencies and Productivity Gains

​The below questions will test the key aspects of process adoption and automation that reap the benefits including large efficiency gains, increases in productivity, monitoring, and governance of business processes.

​Risk Management practices

​The below questions will test the key aspects of institutionalized risk management practices driven by automated assessment and remediation practices.

​Ease of Operations - Tools

​This section examines the ability of the organization to the extent of usage of tools to achieve automation specifically to obtain operational efficiency- Can be as simple as Windows Batch Scheduler or enterprise-grade solutions to achieve complex orchestration across applications.

​Transforming Business Processes

​This section examines the ability of the organization to the set of parameters that are inducing transformation- This is more aligned to the roadmap of transformation that organizations are trying to achieve aligning with the SMAC stack in particular and various other disruptive technologies in general.

​Customer Centric Consideration

​This section examines the ability of the organization’s automation of processes inward-directed towards an overarching vision to serve the end-users benefiting from automation initiatives that organizations have undertaken.

Customer Feedback and Improvements

The below questions will test the key aspects of customer feedback and improvements.

Single Integrated interface for Monitoring and Managing all Business processes.
Monitoring the progress of Business processes is key to understating the current state of the business process- This requires a single integrated interface that allows operators to monitor the progression of processes and intervene if required
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Customer centric process automation powered by the revolution and disruption caused by the SMAC stack (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud)  enables an organization to reimagine its operational processes with customer centrality to enhance consumer interaction and experience to stay ahead of the competition

Automation of processes and understanding of all aspects of automation form a business process point of view are critical to achieving the end goals of automation.

Through this survey, the FITIS panel will assess your organization's capability maturity and determine the optimal future maturity needed to support customer-centric process automation.



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