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Does your organization have a clear partnership strategy including vision, mission, and clearly defined objectives and scope of work to facilitate digital transformation?
  • A partnering strategy is essential to guide an organization to make robust choices on its investment in collaboration: the right issue area, the right type of partnerships,  and the right type of partners to ensure the greatest value to the organization.
  • There are many variations of partners from small tactical through to large strategic. Your business development and marketing plans will show you which ones you should onboard for which customers/countries/regions, which existing partners to build on, and which partners to exit from your program.
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Does your organization identify each partner's value creation in the connected system which is to provide a better experience and transformation?
A partner ecosystem allows organizations to focus on co-creating value. This value is expressed in exceptional customer experiences but also outstanding partner experiences. The partners part of a B2B ecosystem are strategically formed and work together to deliver mutual benefits to their companies.
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Do you have a long-term road map towards a partner ecosystem with the right incentives and rebates?
Partnerships die out due to lack of attention from the company and/or low revenues due to stingy margins. To ensure the designated team of your partner is fully focused on selling your product(s) you need an incentive plan in place for the partner company so they have more reason to sell your product(s) than any others. You should also offer additional incentives for new name customers and new markets.
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Does your company have formed and enacted a special task force with proper responsibilities and authorities to implement the above road map?
Partnership Ecosystem transformation projects should be sponsored by the higher management and driven by people who have the authority to make the changes required and make the decisions.
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Is your company's guidelines(for ecosystem partners) simple and straightforward to be interpreted by stakeholders in the ecosystem?
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Ecosystem governance creates an indirect form of control appropriate to the complexity and dynamism of an ecosystem. It establishes the standards, rules, and processes that define an ecosystem’s formal or informal constitution. Governance needs to establish in simple form how value is created and shared in the partnership.


Do you have a mechanism to monitor and ensure integrity and transparency between partners and systems?
Sharing data in real-time between partners and clear mapping of processes and functions that support ecosystem management is vital in any industry. To achieve these systems and policies should be in a place where the partnership content and assets are transparent to all the partnering teams.
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How open is your organization to accept, encourage, implement  innovative ideas and recognize  success stories of any employee who contributes to your digital transformation road map?
  • The organization should encourage every employee to be innovative and the willingness of the top management should be clearly stated so that employees will continuously come up with new ideas without hesitation.
  • Organizations should have clearly defined processes/tools that facilitate innovation including ideation, filtration, prototyping, testing, and implementing stages. This may include new product development (NPD).
  • There should be a suitable mechanism to recognize those who propose new ideas and facilitate them with the required resources to develop the idea.
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Do your partners provide services on a need basis only? And are they aligned with your business strategy in providing those services?
A strong partner ecosystem has partners who offer products and services in continuous improvement methods where the value creation increases as time moves on. If the organization has many partners who provide services on a need basis then it may not create the required value. Also if they aren't aligned to your business strategy in providing those services then it also does not create the required value.
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Strategy and Vision



Value Creation


Technology and Standards

What is the partnership model with the majority of your partners in the ecosystem?
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Do you have a dedicated personnel to manage partner relationships?
Does your organization have dedicated people to manage key partnerships? Have they been assigned with KPI to drive the objectives of both parties?
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How frequently do you report/verify to the regulators the standards or guidelines of your processes?
Does your business have a requirement of frequent reporting, regulating and to ensure required standards are implemented?
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Do your ecosystem partners possess the core competencies required for your operation?
Do they have fully trained resources who can understand your product and services to provide the required services?
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Apart from providing products and services, do they actively involve promoting your business in different markets?
The marketing and promotion campaigns should be aligned to increase sales of each other's products and services. This may include joint events and public/social media communications.
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Do you share a common technology/product roadmap?
Do your partners have an agreed road map to support your product and services road map? e.g., new releases and enhancements on an agreed schedule
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How many partner products/solutions on average have you integrated to achieve your digital transformation strategy?
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Have you adopted a proper governance structure to facilitate interoperability?
Interoperability refers to the basic ability of different computerized products or systems to readily connect and exchange information with one another, in either implementation or access, without restriction. Partners need to establish standards and protocols for interchanging data (e.g. APIs)
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Do you follow accepted technology standards to communicate between systems?
How the information is exchanged between the partners needs to be decided and agreed upon. e.g., exchange of information using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocols/ Open APIs
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Have you adopted an open API standard to facilitate integration between systems?
An open API, also called public API, is an application programming interface made publicly available to software developers. Open APIs are published on the internet and shared freely, allowing the owner of a network-accessible service to give universal access to consumers.
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Have you implemented an ESB to integrate different systems?
An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a type of software platform known as middleware, which works behind the scenes to aid application-to-application communication. ESB is a “bus” that picks up information from one system and delivers it to another.
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How frequently do you carry out audits to identify any risk of data being inaccurate and/ or unprotected?
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Connected Partner Ecosystem makes it possible for an organization to enable and connect partner ecosystems to utilize industry value chains to stay competitive and enhance the consumer experience.

An ecosystem is an open, multi-sided collaboration between different parties which support value creation to the end-user. These parties can include the internal units of an organization, current and future business partners, and customers. An effective ecosystem will enable an exchange of ideas/products/services or information iteratively and will include operative processes and tools to share the benefits between the parties. Such an ecosystem can help generate new ideas, drive innovation, expand offerings, increase reach and grow revenue. The ecosystem should connect people, processes, and technology.



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